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Wedding Dress Alterations in Austin, TX

Do you have a gorgeous wedding dress that would be perfect save for a few adjustments? When you need wedding dress alterations, you need a specialist who can guarantee that your dress will fit perfectly for your big day. Alterations & Veils by Beatrice is your local expert in wedding dress alterations.
In Austin, Texas and the surrounding areas, Alterations & Veils by Beatrice is the leader in wedding dress alterations. At Alterations & Veils by Beatrice, we specialize in working with the specialized materials, fabrics and designs unique to wedding dresses. We recognize that most wedding dresses require a very specific and special fit. This means that you need an expert in sewing who will take the time to take accurate measurements and make very precise alterations on your dress.
Alterations & Veils by Beatrice has the skilled staff to help you with your wedding dress alterations. Simply bring in your dress for an initial consultation. We will work with you very carefully to ensure that the fit looks great and feels great so that you are confident on your big day. Alterations & Veils by Beatrice’s staff use the best sewing techniques, whether by machine or hand to make discrete alterations only you will know are there.
If you’ve found the perfect already made dress, but require a few changes, don’t give up hope. With Alterations & Veils by Beatrice’s affordable wedding dress alterations, you can get the dress of your dreams made perfectly to fit you.
Alterations & Veils by Beatrice is skilled, experienced and reliable. We know that you may feel anxious about getting your alterations done on time. Rest assured that we work quickly and effectively so that your dress will be ready well ahead of your wedding date.
Call Alterations & Veils by Beatrice today to discuss your wedding dress alteration needs! We look forward to serving you soon.



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